from a shadow to almost double that of Google

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. We said it recently: Eight of the ten best-selling cell phones in the world belong to Apple. An enduring hegemony with no sign of changing. But it is not necessary to go into the distant past to confirm that just a decade ago, in 2010 to be precise, those of Cupertino were something much smaller.

As journalist James Eagle reports on his Twitter account, Apple has gone from being a contender with high market value, but nothing to worry about for rivals like Microsoft, to a vastly-leading position. What has changed since then?

Apple is worth almost twice as much as Google

The bottom of the chart, according to data collected by Interbrands, shows that Apple is worth nearly $500 billion (482,215,000,000), with an 18% annual growth compared to the 278.29 billion from second place, occupied by Microsoft, followed by Amazon and Google with 251 billion. Farther behind are Samsung, Toyota, Coca-Cola, which have maintained solid hegemony for more than a decade, with Mercedes-Benz, Disney and Nike in tenth place, valued at $50 billion.

In these years, Apple marks its low point in 2001: $5,464 million. A shadow next to its current value. In 2010, Apple was in the midst of innovating and developing new products. Although the company had previously launched successful products such as the iPod and iPhone, 2010 was the year of change with a clear focus on the tablet ecosystem. The iPad was the Trojan horse that almost silently invaded homes around the world. And then the Apple TV would come, making even less noise but with the same goal. Which? Related Services.

The death of Steve Jobs in 2011 marked a turning point for Apple. Jobs was a visionary and charismatic leader, but Tim Cook proved to be the efficient and pragmatic leader needed. Cook focused on expanding the company globally, optimizing the supply chain and strengthening supplier relationships. Three strategies that underpinned its global value.

Apple experienced previous recessions that coincided with the products that changed its story.  This time he doesn't (at the moment) have one

And three strategies that converge in the same sea: services. Apple has managed to diversify its offering. The creation of platforms such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade enabled the company to generate recurring and stable revenues, essential for growth and establishing a unified and cohesive ecosystem between devices and services. A key that gives us another: rely less on selling hardware and achieve financial independence jumping to this change for its own processors, the Apple Silicon. This new Apple cannot be understood without the M1, 2 and M3 chips and their bionics.

What a blind man "see" and what a deaf "Hear" It is possible with your mobile phone.  Apple is working on it

They say with a little malice and a little envy that Apple’s consumer base is known for its loyalty and willingness to pay premium prices. That we’re fanboys without hot clothes. The reality is that Apple has done its homework and given us, I would say, reason to believe Teddy Lasso. Privacy and security improvements when they were needed most and a clear prioritization of accessibility. Let’s not forget the development of numerous functions and applications that allow people with hearing and visual impairments to use their devices efficiently. We’re talking about VoiceOver, Braille display, screen speaking and live listening. Leave no one behind, as my partner Miguel used to say.


On the other hand, of course, we have Siri and the stiff competition that has been sown by GPT and cognitive AIs. It is a matter of time. With WWDC 2023 just around the corner — and the uncertainty seeded by reality pros hovering like a bumblebee — Apple still has plenty of challenges ahead. But he meets it with an enviable economic solvency. Unique in the world.

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