four creative uses of this AI that you can try on your iPhone or Mac right now

ChatGPT has become one of the most impressive artificial intelligences in the past few years. Their answers are very detailed and precise, surpassing other alternatives available on the market and making this type of tool popular, thereby capturing the attention of a large part of a much less technological audience.

With that in mind, finding ways to use ChatGPT comfortably seems to have been a constant. It’s really easy to go to his website and talk to him, but we have other options such as Talk to Siri, on WhatsApp, use it on Bing or even access it from our Mac’s menu bar.

ChatGPT in different locations depending on your needs

Thanks to the Shortcuts app, we can take Siri even further and integrate it with ChatGPT. The shortcut is quite simple and easy to use. All we have to do is download it from iCloud, log in to with our credentials, get an API key and paste it in the appropriate field. From there we’ll just say “Hey Siri, ChatGPT” to be able to talk to him. Siri submits the questions to ChatGPT and reads the answers to us. We can use this shortcut on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, making it a very convenient way to ask quick questions or request information.

Other creative uses of ChatGPT is the integration with WhatsApp. The tool we need for this is called God in a Box. This interface simplifies the conversation with ChatGPT and integrates it into a WhatsApp conversation. To use it we have to register on their website, link our phone number to WhatsApp and send a message to the new contact. After a few seconds we will receive a message confirming that we are a free God in a Box user. From there we can chat with ChatGPT as if it were another person on our contact list.

ChatGPT in the most convenient way

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Our third resource is using ChatGPT over Bing, which is a must-do access to and write the question we want in the middle text window. The tool is able to interpret almost any query and provide accurate and efficient answers based on the search results. Although it’s still in beta and we’ll have to register to get access, it promises its power. Even more than other alternatives.

Finally, we can use ChatGPT from our Mac’s menu bar, which is possible by downloading the MacGPT application developed by Jordi Bruin. This application reproduces all the options available on the ChatGPT website and allows you to start new conversations or continue previous ones. In addition, it is possible to enable the option to keep the window always on top in the application settings and set a keyboard shortcut to open the chat window. With all that it allows quickly access ChatGPT without interrupting our activityideal for questions and specific conversations that help us in our everyday life.

ChatGPT comes to Siri.  With this shortcut I managed to improve Siri and make it much more intelligent

As we can see, ChatGPT offers a multitude of creative uses that we can take advantage of from many services or applications. From conversations with Siri to the Mac menu bar via a WhatsApp chat we have more ways than ever to talk to the latest OpenAI, however, is the most convenient for us.

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