Five iPhone 15 Pro features that will make Xiaomi 13 and other Androids of 2023 die

the market of smart phone It seems to have reached a ceiling of innovations, but that doesn’t prevent other manufacturers from wanting to continue pushing their own limits, as is happening with the new range of the Xiaomi 13. Now, Apple has also been preparing for the next big step for some time.

I’m not talking about Reality Pro that we could see at WWDC 2023 (which also), but about a series of iPhone 15 that will bring improvements that should put it in a privileged position compared to the Android competition. Let’s see what will be the key points that will make that possible.

Small great details of the iPhone 15

First of all, one of the great triumphs of the iPhone 15 that it inherits from the iPhone 14 Pro will be its Dynamic Island. Rumors say that it will continue to improve, while Android terminals have not been able to take advantage of the “hole” in their cameras at this level. For me it is a goal in the form of knowledge turn a mistake into an advantage.

The rumors also speak of something we can’t take lightly: some haptic buttons that could offer a lot more play than the current ones. we could customize themno longer using them for volume up or down (at least partially) and being able to turn them into a button to do something else.

Another detail worth emphasizing: an outer case made of titanium is supposed to take care of that a level of lightness and resilience never seen before Neither on the iPhone nor on any other smartphone From the market. The material is more expensive than stainless steel or aluminium, but its advantages are undeniable and would set a new level for the competition.

apple iphone 15

The cameras are another strong point of the iPhone and where its competitors can push more. The iPhone 15’s weapon could be a new hybrid zoom significantly improve the quality of the photos taken with it. And that doesn’t apply to the increase in overall quality that new lenses would bring.

And finally we have the main advantage of the A17 Bionic chip: higher efficiency which would lead to more autonomy for the phone. To date, autonomy is what is most demanded in a mobile device and in the absence of new battery technology there is a need to push on other fronts.

The iPhone 15 Pro hides a surprise for those who pay for it

It’ll be months before we see the iPhone 15 being unveiled in one principle, but at the moment the most reliable sources already give us these properties with reasonable certainty. Best of all, there’s still time for more surprises, which along with iOS 17 shouldn’t disappoint. We’ll stay tuned for more leaks.

image | David Svihovec

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