Fitness+ brings news for you to get in shape

the New Years Resolutions They are a good time to reflect on yourself and find out what we want to continue working on in the new year. Of course they must be enforced – and there is a very good reason why one of us is improving our physical condition – as it is also an important improvement in our quality of life.

And it’s good for us. Hasn’t it happened to you that times when you’ve stopped exercising make you feel physically worse than after one? good training? It seems that Apple wants all Fitness+ subscribers to start the year with very interesting news and that we not only set goals, but also that we achieve them.

What’s new in Fitness+ for 2023

Apple fitness trainer Nez Dally

The first novelty is Kickboxing Inclusion as a new cardio activity to train the whole body. It consists of multiple rounds of movement culminating in a final round where the user combines the moves they have just learned. No equipment is required and they last approximately 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

there will be new instructors, as Nez Dally: a Muay Thai fighter who made history by becoming the first woman to compete professionally in a hijab. New instructors like Brian Cochrane will also join new HIIT sessions or Jenn Lau for strength exercises this new season.

Apple Fitness Introductions to meditations for sleep

Something that was heavily requested by Fitness+ users was the sleep meditation. It will arrive in the meditation bookstore in the next few days (along with the remaining nine activities). There will be a new exercise each week that can be done from bed just by listening to the audio or watching the full video before resting. For those who have never meditated before, Fitness+ will include a new introductory program of 20-minute meditations that can be done anytime and in any order.

The list of favorite artist exercises is also expanding, with music from Beyoncé and her latest album, which will appear in several Fitness+ exercises. Foo Fighters will also be included (next 16.01) and Bad Bunny, (January 23).

Time for a walk with Jamie Lee Curtis

the “time to walk” training sessions are extended with additional personalities beginning with actress Jammie Lee Curtis, followed by Ámbar Ruffin (Host of a famous American talk show), Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother actor, comedian and producer), Jose Andres (Spanish chef and founder of World Central Kitchen), Nina Hoess (german actress), Colman Domingo (actor and director), Nathan Chen (Olympic champion) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (actors and singers).

fitness collections

to the last, Fitness+ will add two new exercise collections (perfect for New Year’s resolutions): one for those who want to return to training with a 6-week plan (will be released on January 9th) and another to improve our core training, in groups of 10 and 20 minutes. The best time to get in shape is without a doubt now!

Starting next Monday, January 9th, Fitness+ doesn’t require an Apple Watch and you can use it right from your iPhone. If you buy an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Apple TV, you can Try Fitness+ for three months free of charge – and if you choose to subscribe, an extra month. And remember, you can always share the same account with up to five family members.

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