Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, first impressions

Two weeks ago, Apple surprisingly announced one of the changes most requested by iPad Pro users: the ability to use the full power of the new M1 and M2 processors in applications that were out there beyond traditional iPad apps. Some authentic professional applications with the power to replace the desktop versions.

With this philosophy, the company presented in a press release its two great video and sound apps: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, in versions for iPad Pro M1 and M2 (In the first case) and Logic Pro from iPad (with A12 chip). The two versions of both apps, which can be downloaded from the App Store, are already available today. Purchase by subscription: €4.99 per month or €49 for a whole year.

This is the new iPad Pro 2021

Final Cut Pro for iPad, first impressions

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 004

At Applesfera we test both apps extensively and will offer you a detailed review shortly. However, we were able to get early access to the first version of both apps and would like to introduce you to the most important functions first-hand. Let’s start with Final Cut Pro.

A completely redesigned user interface for the iPad. If so, with the familiar elements of Final Cut Pro that we all know. The layout of the viewer, the content, the timeline and all the controls of each part are arranged very similar to the desktop version.

The Differences in this tactile redesign Makes control more accessible with both your finger and the second-generation Apple Pencil. In the case of the iPad Pro M2, what struck me the most in my tests was the use of the “hover”, that is, the touch without contact with the screen and the reaction to the user interface, due to the convenience of moving through the controls, which is very easy.

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 012

The interface is able to adapt to modes like that Multicam angle editingalthough personally I find the best ones that Apple Silicon allows the most amazing for me – like the scene removal masks, AI autocrop and voice stacking.

The Scene Delete Mask It even works with some complicated videos, like the one in the picture that only lasted 11 seconds. The prerequisites for being able to use this method, in which we can put texts below an element in the foreground (The recording shows that it does not necessarily have to be a “human”.) is that the video has a general level of no motion and that the element to be superimposed enters the scene.

with a few easy adjustments The changes can already be seen in the “Masks and Key” menu, which can then be sharpened with fine adjustments to compensate for transparency and other effects. It’s very noticeable, it’s instantaneous (The preview is in real time) and get very good results.

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 001

The user interface is beautifully designed, but the special thing about it is new Final Cut Pro for iPad It’s the “jog wheel”, a tactile dial that folds into a mini touch panel that we can place on the left or right side of the iPad (if we turn it up or down, it stays on the closest side hang).

This dial has two positions: Playhead (to navigate the timeline and preview the result in real time) and “press” (to move clips on the timeline). Exactly both. Also included is a good graphics library with effects and audio, ready to use in our creations.

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 002

Using the Apple Pencil serves to make the contours a bit more precise, but not essential at all to be able to use it – since the entire interface can be controlled with your fingers. Even the new “Draw” function on the clip can be done without a pencil, just with less precision.

It is also possible to import one Final Cut Pro project for iPad on Mac (not the other way around) always keep in mind that we need at least the latest version of FCP 10.6.6 – which by the way is not the one offered (At least at the time of writing these lines) in the trial version of the web.

Very promising is this version for the iPad that seems to save the best of the desktop, with a very good interpretation in iPadOS I hope it’s the beginning of many other projects of this kind.

Logic Pro, first impressions

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 006

The Logic Pro version on the iPad works from an iPad with A12 Bionic Chip or later with iPadOS 16.4 (In the case of Final Cut Pro, it doesn’t have to be an M1 or M2 chip) and also redesigned its user interface to fit the multi-touch world. In this case, the user interface is much more like the Logic Pro we know from the Mac.

One of Obvious benefits of using the iPad it’s about being able to “play” the music or the instruments that make it up. This tact and precision make it very convenient to use the library of , for example rehearse with plugins of different kinds: With the plugins, the knobs are controlled by moving your finger up and down and the design is very successful in this version.

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 005

There is also a very Good plugin library to choose from, from retro synthesizers, vintage keyboards or stringed instruments that imitate human gestures during interpretation. Navigation through the composition line with multitouch is fast but above all intuitive, offering you the editing options for each title at the touch of a button.

Another big change in Logic Pro for iPad is the new browser, essential part of the musical process. Now everything is in one place: instrument patches, audio patches, loops, singles, module presets, patterns. It’s also guided by a predictive filter that helps us find the perfect sound we’re looking for for the composition we’re editing – we can even listen to any sound from the browser without having to add it to the project (last but not least).

Final Cut Pro Ipad Logic Pro Ipad 009

As in the iPad version of Final Cut Pro, It is possible to export the projects to the Mac version or import from a version of GarageBand for iOS (never backwards), making it much easier to use the best of both worlds to finish our creations.

Soon we offer you our detailed analysis by a music expert, in which we describe each novelty to the millimeter. As it arrives, we’re seeing a sophisticated, agile version along very well thought out interface to make it convenient and easy for us and allows us to create a professional work even by connecting external MIDI instruments.

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