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Like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook gave very few interviews in his professional life. So whenever one of these interviews comes to light, it’s worth pausing and reading every detail. Not just looking for clues about the future that awaits Apple, but out of sheer curiosity about what life is like for its CEO.

And that’s exactly what happened recently, because Tim Cook gave an interview to QG, which has been translated into Spanish and gives us a little insight into how Apple Park works. And yes, in the interview they talked about virtual reality.

“There is an environment that can be even better than the real world”

Reality Pro Apple Glasses Virtual Reality

Obviously, Cook isn’t giving away any secrets about what we can see in the next WWDC 2023, but he does have some tradition to point to. And the clue is clear: it’s about how two or more people might do it Tasks such as measuring a pane of glass or “trying out” how to “hang” a work of art on the wall. naked. It’s no textual confirmation that the Reality Pros are on the way, but it leaves no doubt: Apple has a product ready and these are its more than likely uses:

“The idea is that there is an environment that can be even better than the real world by overlaying the virtual world. I find it exciting. Especially if it’s something that can accelerate your creativity or help you do things in your everyday life that you never thought you could do differently.”

Tim Cook is in a hurry: The Reality Pro is his big project and he wants to bring it to market before the iPhone 15

Apple’s CEO doesn’t directly refer to the rumors of doubt flying about the Reality Pro, but also makes it clear that past judgments shouldn’t be ignored, even if they were wrong. proves it I remember that after seeing the first model iPhone or Apple Watch Series 0, the media wasn’t optimistic. And over time, they have become essential products in the Apple ecosystem:

“He [impacto de] Watches was profound, but if it was because of the articles that were written about its release, you would never know,” he says. “Think also of the iPhone. When we launched it, people said, ‘This isn’t going to work. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard. People want a physical keyboard”

The same goes for himself, as he recalls not appreciating attempts at augmented reality interfaces like Google Glass in previous interviews. At the time I didn’t see the idea of ​​a pair of glasses that would do something like this, but now all the talk in the rumor mill is of something very similar to be revealed in one very soon Principle.

“My way of thinking is constantly evolving. Steve taught me very well never to marry my old beliefs; When something new comes up that confirms I’m wrong, rather than anchoring in my point of view, I have to admit it and move on.

A few reasons remain skeptical: We are in the prelude to some Reality Pro and I don’t think it will take us long to see them if Tim Cook is already being published in interviews that way.

“If you’re checking your phone more times than you’re looking someone in the eye, you’re not doing it right”

In the source, we can also see other issues being addressed: Tim recalls sacrificing the private aspect of his sexuality to try to motivate members of the LGBT community who didn’t feel ready to move on with their lives.

also comment The problem of mobile addiction after the interviewer admits that he is concerned about his children’s cell phone use. Cook takes advantage of the situation to remind himself that ScreenTime exists for such issues and that he “looks religiously” at his weekly report.

“We’re trying to give people tools to help them hang up the phone.” […] “Because my philosophy is that if you’re looking at your phone more than someone else’s eyes, you’re not doing it right.”

These are the measures Apple is taking to avoid falling into the layoff nightmare that is plaguing Silicon Valley

Cook also uses a gap in the interview to remind himself of the importance of privacy and that he always tries to keep calm in times of chaos. Therefore, he likes the architecture of Apple Park, since his crystals connect the offices very well with the outside world and Cook likes to immerse himself in them a landscape in which he likes to wander. Calm in moments of frenzy.

Eddy Cue also says it in an interview: Be careful not to trust everything to Tim’s facial expressions: “I always jokingly tell him that he’s a great poker player because he has four aces and no one knows.“. Let’s see which of these aces we see at WWDC 2023.

image | GQ coverage

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