Elon Musk calls remote work “moral bullshit”. According to Steve Jobs, it was immoral to work in an office

If there’s one controversial tech personality right now, it’s undoubtedly Elon Musk. Not only because of his statements as Tesla boss, but also because of the chaos that Twitter has caused. In one of his recent interviews, the contrast between his way of working and that advocated by Steve Jobs became clear.

Musk recently criticized remote working in an interview with CNBC. call it “morally wrong”. and rule out being more or less productive from home. He hasn’t bothered to define the social class of “the portable people who live in La La Land”. And that’s not the hardest part.

The “moral nonsense” of telecommuting, according to Musk

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“People should get off this moral pedestal that’s the bullshit of working from home.” […] Are you really going to telecommute and send the rest of the people who made your car to the factory? Can the people who prepare your food telecommute? The people who can fix your house can’t telecommute, but can you? Is that morally right?

That’s how transparent Musk was in advocating the full return of all his employees to the offices. He has compared the fact to what happened to Marie Antoinette in France, when she wanted to solve the people’s famine with her already historic “Well, let them eat cake”.

You could say that this is contrary to the modern Apple, but it is even contrary to the idea that Jobs had about telecommuting. Posthumous CEO of Apple I was thinking about a hybrid model back in 1990, as he commented in an interview at the time defending workers’ right to be separated from work. He was already talking about taking the computer home or even to a cabin in the woods (minute 30):

This contrast currently prevails in the offices of Apple executives. While Jobs began to envision telecommuting as early as the early 1980s, Tim Cook is now looking for a balance. A hybrid model that searches Combine the best when going to the office and the best when going home. Which, by the way, led to resignations.

Zuckerberg, fatally teleworked: "Engineers who started in the meta-office perform better than those who did it remotely"

As a telecommuter who I’ve been since 2006, I understand there’s debate on this topic and I see the merits of each model, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for Musk to polarize his opinions enough to ridicule them would like those who work from home. As always, there are nuances. And the rapid development of technology together with the politics of each company should make us end such radical views.

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