Eleven perfect applications to get the most out of your new iPhone

Did you get an iPhone as a gift this Christmas? !! Congratulations!! We assume that you need to test all the features, especially if it’s your first iPhone. It’s not for nothing: integration with iOS and its services offers days of testing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for applications to help you take your first steps, we can help you. Here you have a list of several applications that will help you a lot in your first few days with iPhone. If you adapt to them, your everyday life will change.

The best apps to get you started on iOS

  • Remarks is the app I almost always recommend to my clients. All kinds of data can be stored in it, building a folder hierarchy that is perfectly synced to iCloud.
  • things It is the best and most meticulous task manager for iOS in my opinion. If your New Year’s resolution is to get organized, this program can help you a lot. You have it for 11.99 euros in the App Store.
  • Is another of your 2023 resolutions to stay away from social media? You may be interested in trying Mastodon. This alternative to Twitter is decentralized, has no ads, and is gaining hundreds of thousands of users due to the recent Twitter controversy surrounding Elon Musk. It’s nice to walk through a network whose interface isn’t designed to be addictive. Free on the App Store.
  • If you want to learn a new language, Duolingo can turn your iPhone into a teacher that fits in your pocket. It includes multiple language lessons in Spanish, both text and spoken. Completely free on the App Store.
capcut iphone

  • CapCut is a video editor for those who don’t understand how video editors work and have more casual needs. With it, you can mount home videos without leaving your iPhone and it’s free on the App Store.
  • If you live in Spain, My Citizen Folder is an application that you almost absolutely must have installed. With it you can see all your data and procedures with the government in one place and see upcoming dates such as the renewal of the DNI. You have it for free on the App Store.
  • I do not recommend telegram because it is an instant messaging application: I do it because it is also a place to find information channels and bots that can replace other applications. There are those who follow the news through Telegram, and they don’t do it for less. Free on the App Store, although some extras require a subscription.
  • VLC media player it’s a swiss army knife for videos on our iPhone. Wherever you have them, you can always have the videos you want at hand and play them on your phone without worrying about the format of the videos.
Battle for Polytopia App Store

  • Tasks and efforts are not everything: The Battle for Polytopia is an excellent strategy game to have on your iPhone. A sort of Age of Empires that alternates between conquering the entire map and dominating the world. Free on the App Store, although you’ll need to make some built-in purchases to enjoy all the content.
  • Another game that may interest you is Vampire Survivors, a bullet hell in which your goal is to survive in a hell of wave after wave of enemies for as long as possible. Free on the App Store, few games of this quality come without a price tag.
  • Those who ultimately prefer a more relaxed hobby can opt for Dilemo. It’s a question and answer game in Spanish, great to while away the time while traveling without falling into monetized games. Free on the App Store.

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