Download YouTube videos for free without installing any app

YouTube hosts a huge amount of videos. Some may even belong to us. So far, however, the platform does not allow downloading videos. However, there are third-party tools that we can use to do this Download YouTube videos for free on our iPhone, iPad or Mac with just a few steps. Follow these simple steps.

Download YouTube videos for free: How it works on the iPhone

Downloading YouTube videos can be interesting just like many users are looking for downloading Instagram videos. It is important to note that downloading videos is not allowed on the platform. Google is interested in us seeing them right there and beyond Legal and copyright issues that we need to consider. Therefore, the only recommended videos to download are those that we have contributed to the platform ourselves and that we want to recover from it. Or on the other hand, free and royalty-free videos shared by their creators.

There are several tools to download YouTube videos. We focus on some online resources that have the benefit of being usable both on our Mac and on our iPad or iPhone with the same ease. Of course, it is your idea to download music on Mac for listening later. There are other ways to achieve this without resorting to YouTube.

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The first resource to pay attention to is, which allows us to do it Paste the URL of a YouTube video and download it in various qualities, including 1080p. In addition, the tool allows us to download only the audio in MP3 format. For even faster access to this tool, we can add “pp” after YouTube in any video we watch to start the download with a single touch.

So if we watch the video on… we can just edit the url and leave it like this:… After we create the intro We find the download buttons directly at our disposal and without doing anything else.

Download lists or entire YouTube channels with this resource

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Sometimes we want to download YouTube videos from our channel. We can use the previous resource and advance video by video, but it’s much more convenient to do all the downloads at once. That’s where comes in, a video download service that not only offers a service similar to the one we’ve just seen for individual videos, but also you can download lists or entire channels.

We can visit the website and paste the URL of a channel or a list, but it’s even easier to use a shortcut in the URL. As soon as we watch the video, channel or playlist that interests us, Just add “1s” after the URL so there is something like… and we directly see the download links.

Both for channels and lists YouTube Multi Downloader will introduce us all videos on the list so we can download them quickly. Of course, the maximum quality remains at 720P, which is rather poor, but can serve us.

Internet to download YouTube videos

Thus, in summary mode we have to download videos with the highest possible quality, while offers us to download entire lists and channels with great ease. Both free and very easy to use. Online tools in addition, because they don’t require us to install anything on our devices.

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It’s true that the best way to keep a local copy of the videos we post on YouTube is to never delete the original files. However, sometimes, especially when it comes to old videos, downloading them can be the only way to get them back. In these cases We have several resources available..

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