Does Apple dream of folding? They are already working on solving one of the most serious problems of these designs

Wrinkles yes, wrinkles no. The market seems a bit split on the devices we can fold. So far we’ve seen several proposals from different manufacturers, but not Apple. While Samsung laughs at the Cupertino company in the occasional ad for this lack of foldability, the secret labs at Apple Park have other plans.

Folding technology is not new to Apple. The company has filed several patents related to this technology in recent years. The latest patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office sheds some light on this a foldable screen that is crack resistant. A small change that could solve one of the main problems with foldable devices: their fragility.

We may not be talking about a foldable iPhone, but something is being studied in Cupertino

The patent in question, as they tell us in Patently Apple, refers to a screen made up of several layers including a flexible substrate, a layer of thin film transistors and a protective layer. The protective layer is designed to prevent cracks from forming in the flexible substrate, which is the part of the screen most prone to damage.

Thanks Apple would achieve a very significant increase in the resistance of this type of screen to the almost inevitable cracks. But that’s not all. Apple also filed a patent for a self-healing display some time ago. A technology would allow the screen to recover from minor scratches, which is another common problem with foldable devices that have to use plastic as the cover material.

Although many analysts believe we probably won’t see a foldable iPhone, Yes, we’ve heard rumors of a possible foldable iPad. A device where the ability to expand or shrink the surface area of ​​the screen makes a lot more sense than a phone where the change would be less.

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As we always say in these cases, a patent is just that, and it’s still a long way from a finished device. What is clear is that Apple is investigating this technology. Will it make it to an Apple Watch strap? Will we someday see a Mac that’s a big foldable screen? We will see. What we do know is that Apple is actively investigating foldable devices.

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