Displays developed by Apple bring microLED to the iPhone. Before we’ll see it in 2024’s Apple Watch Ultra

As we said yesterday Apple has always tried to be able to design the most important hardware components itself for your products. The reason is so simple, the design freedom allows you to explore more possibilities and that results in the best possible hardware-to-software ratio. Something Apple is already excelling at and intends to continue being a leader at.

If yesterday we talked about Apple already having plans to launch its own modem chips, today we need to talk about the screens. Some screens Mark Gurman says Apple will design right in Cupertino to reduce dependency on Samsung and LG. A movement of it We will see its fruits in 2024 in the Apple Watch Ultraafter the leaks.

A critical project with a lot of potential for the entire ecosystem

According to Gurman, Apple’s plans to design its own custom displays will begin in 2024 with the Apple Watch Ultra. A watch that gets nothing short of a microLED screen and will be the first Apple device with this technology. From here, Apple plans to extend this technology to the iPhone and other devices.

Although the design will be carried out by those based in Cupertino, collaboration from companies like Samsung and LG will still be necessary for manufacturing. The movement makes a lot of sense, though, because while the machinery and expertise required to manufacture it are outside of Apple, they are inside Design where they run out to reduce qualities such as energy consumption, image quality or performance of the same screen and therefore where Apple can stand out.

Gurman says Apple is making a big effort to manufacture more of its components in-house. The list has grown recently with the introduction of Apple silicon on the Mac and continues to grow with custom modems. As for the screens, it seems Apple is already testing them on the Apple Watch. Among the improvements we’ll notice is the possibility of being much brighter, offer more vivid and contrasting colors and improve viewing angles. Gurman himself claims that these screens “make the content look like it’s painted on the glass layer”.

This move to microLED was originally planned for 2020, perhaps with the rumored design change of the Apple Watch Series 7, which would never come but had to be postponed for technical reasons. The original plan was to use microLED on larger screens, but due to cost concerns, Apple decided to go ahead Build the technology into Apple Watch displays and scale from there.

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Over the past few years, Apple has made some pretty profound changes to its ecosystem. It’s easy to forget the transition to Apple chips because it was so easily accomplished, but after Apple has redesigned all of its Macs and received nothing but rave reviews from industry, the media, and the general public, Apple now wants to take the next big step. An important project that the company will keep Leading innovation on even more fronts.

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