Compressing a PDF file on our iPhone, iPad or Mac is a matter of seconds thanks to these tools

PDF files have become a standard for sending virtually any type of text or image file. And although we can always send larger files in a very simple way, for example with AirDrop or Mail Drop, sometimes It is convenient for us to reduce the size of the PDF.

Fortunately, both our iPhone and iPad and our Mac offer us tools to do this directly guarantees the confidentiality of our documents and also the speed of the process. Tools that are complemented by quite interesting online services to have even more options. So, let’s see how to compress a PDF document on our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Preview, files and also the web as options

on mac, The application we’re going to use to reduce the size of a PDF document is Preview. An application that is installed on all Macs and is really versatile when it comes to working with this type of document. The steps to compress a PDF document with Preview are as follows:

  1. We open the document that we want to compress in the app preview. If necessary, click on it with the second mouse button, let the mouse rest open with and we choose preview.
  2. On the menu file, archive we vote export.
  3. in the format we vote pdf.
  4. in the quartz filter we vote reduce file size.
  5. After choosing the name and location, we touch Save on computer.
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If we want to compress a PDF document with our iPhone or iPad, the app we should use is Files. The process is entirely local, just like it was on the Mac before. The following steps are:

  1. We open the app records on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We look for the document in question and hold it down*.
  3. At the end of the menu we touch quick actions.
  4. we vote Optimize file size.
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Our iPhone or iPad create one Copy of the document where it reflects that it is in a compressed format. We can find the copy in the same folder as the original document.

Given the two tools that Apple puts at our disposal to compress PDF documents, let’s move on to the Internet. There are tons of options here, but one that stands out the most is SmallPDF. A The free service allows us to compress PDF documents While maintaining the highest possible quality and a significant weight reduction.

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All we have to do is find the Compress PDF tool, upload our files and download the compressed versions. It is worth remembering that this method, although it may raise more doubts about the privacy of sensitive documents, works the same on all our devices and offers truly remarkable results.

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Whether locally on our iPhone, iPad or Mac or via web tools, Compressing the size of a PDF document is very easy. A process that we use to facilitate subsequent mailing without compromising the quality of the document.

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