iPhone killer: Elon Musk threatens Apple and Google that he will make his smartphone

Whatever companies were trying to make their own smartphones right now, they either wanted to replicate Apple’s success or to further bind the audience to their services. These include Facebook, which is banned in Russia, and Kodak, and even Energizer. But each of these experiments invariably ended in failure. It was either a complete misunderstanding … Read more

How to transfer files from Mac to Android

Mac computers are among the most productive solutions on the market. Many users choose them for the perfect interaction of hardware and software. Through the purchase Apple Computersyou can rest assured that you are purchasing one of the best devices in its class. But the same is not true for iPhones. Many users therefore opt … Read more

What is the Neural Engine and why is it needed in the iPhone

When presenting the new iPhone, Apple engineers often juggle incomprehensible terms, one of which is “neural processor”: every year it is improved, the number of operations increases from several hundred billion to several trillion per second. However, for many there is no visible benefit from the neural coprocessor, so not every user knows why this … Read more

iPhone Slow After iOS 16 Update

Is your iPhone getting slower after the iOS 16 update, or does it seem that it is bogging down after a few hours? While older iPhone models tend to have less performance, even the newest iPhone models can be slower. This is why your iPhone is slow after the iOS 16 update. And if you … Read more