Carousel videos but no hi-fi music

Spotify has held its annual event where it presents news at both service level and application interface level. And on the latter we will have a very strong change: Spotify for iPhone will become one Featured content carousel with infinite scrolling. TikTok’s strategy but in one service stream Musical.

Spotify’s intention is that you can discover content that you might like based on your listening, but directly from the application’s home page. So all you have to do is open it and scroll down to discover recommendations for songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. And yes, the video will be very present.

Quality vs. Quantity: Spotify and Apple Music part ways in two very different directions

With this we are beginning to see a change of course that is already very different from Apple Music: while in Cupertino they are focused on a simple application (interface discussions aside) and on offering high-quality audio, on Spotify they are turning to the strategy of to enroll users the experience of a mobile social network with an endless carousel to lose yourself in. For now, it’s not something that’s won over subscribers too muchas there is already a “mega thread” of complaints on Reddit.

In addition to this new interface, they also reminded us of their AI-based DJ and a new shuffle mode where you can have recommended songs included in your playlists:

As a Spotify user that I am, my intention a priori is to test out this new UI, hoping it doesn’t affect the playlists I create too much. I want to continue to be able to easily access and navigate them the way I created them. That this new carousel of recommendations makes me subconsciously lose myself in content I didn’t request.

The EU Commission (almost) agrees with Apple: Spotify's complaint turns to ashes

I’ll see if I can do it. A jump to Apple Music can unfortunately always be possible. At the moment there is no estimated release date for all these novelties, but Spotify promises them “soon”. We will closely monitor any changes.

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