Bill Gates still prefers Android to iPhone. His main reason is quite surprising

There is quite a bit of interest in Bill Gates’ habits and tastes. Microsoft co-founder tends to attract personal questions about technology, which are generally answered without hesitation. This is the case with the type of phone you are using, which we have known for years and which is now confirmed and a reason why is added.

Bill Gates himself has said several times in the past that he prefers Android to iPhone. Apparently that’s still the case today, as confirmed by an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, Gates) that hasn’t switched to iPhone yet or has They also don’t use an iPad, a Mac, or even a Microsoft Sufrace Duo.

It’s not just a matter of folding

Bill Gates’ phone is nothing but a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which he received directly from the company’s CEO, JY Lee. Gates previously commented last year that he uses a Z Fold3, and according to his recent AMA on Reddit, he traveled to South Korea to receive his new phone from Lee.

“I have a Samsung Fold 4 that JY Lee, the President of Samsung, gave me when I saw it in South Korea to update my Fold 3. Of course I use Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software. The size of the screen means I’m not using a tablet, just the phone and my laptop, a Windows machine.

Without going into detail about his favorite Windows computer, Gates hasn’t given a reason why he prefers Android to iPhone. Though the issue of foldable devices may be looming now, we know the latest from a 2021 Clubhouse interview (via 9to5mac). considers Android manufacturers to be “more flexible” when it comes to software integration..

According to Gates himself, this leads to his main reason, which is that “Some pro Android manufacturers install Microsoft software in a way that makes it easier for me.”. The reason is undoubtedly a bit peculiar, considering that the same Microsoft apps can be downloaded on any iPhone through the App Store.

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Although years ago Bill Gates consistently opted for Microsoft products, buy their daughters a Zune and not an iPod, now with the disappearance of Windows Phones the choice is different. Gates himself admits he has an iPhone “out there” to try little things. They’ve also tweeted “Twitter for iPhone” a few times, but for now, the Z Flip seems like your pick. Let’s see if a foldable iPhone can convince him.

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