Avalanche of details! The information describes Apple’s mixed reality viewer in detail

Apple’s viewer is close, very close. It must be that media outlets like The Information already have access to all the details that have just been revealed about the device. The medium lists supposed, previously unknown details about the device and gives us a much more concrete idea of ​​what our experience with it can look like.

The list, reflected in media outlets such as MacRumors, covers both details hardware like software. And they’re still a rumor, let’s face it, but they’re points so specific we can’t ignore them.

Two chips, interchangeable headbands and crystals for all eyes

These are the features the source revealed about Apple’s mixed reality headset:

  • The design of the device will feature aluminum, glass and carbon fiber finishes. This last material would be the key to reducing the viewer’s weight.
  • The device would have an Apple silicon chip and a second chip dedicated exclusively to processing the image signals received from the cameras and correct their distortion that would occur due to the movement of our head.
  • The connection with the headphones would be optimized with the H2 chip, which is already compatible with AirPods Pro 2.
  • The battery would clip to our belt and connect to the viewfinder with a cable and MagSafe mechanism. Apple wants us to be able to easily replace the batteries, since the expected autonomy is about two hours.
  • Lucky for those of us who wear glasses, there would be Focus correction lenses that attach magnetically to the viewfinder. Some internal motors would move these crystals with greater precision to have the perfect vision for each user.
  • The viewing angle of the device would be 120 degrees, just like the Valve Index.
  • The attachment straps will be interchangeable and will integrate some speakers. The default band material will be similar to the Apple Watch Sport band.
  • A digital crown will allow us to switch between the real and virtual worlds, albeit without tactical feedback.


It’s clear: this is the biggest rumor about the augmented reality viewer since we started talking about this device. And judging by the details revealed, it should be enough to suddenly skip all the competition. As always, the key will be in the software and in the integration.

Source : www.applesfera.com