Are we planning to visit Apple Park as a tourist? That’s all we need to know

For Apple lovers, Apple Park is clearly a point of reference and a place we want to go when we are in San Francisco, in the Bay Area or in other parts of California. An excellent idea, without a doubt, and even more so if we take into account some useful details to fully enjoy the visit.

Starting from the basis that we cannot enter Apple Park itself, there is enough to see. including one Visitor Center where we can see a giant model of Apple Park or enjoy some of the meals offered by the building staff at the various cafeterias on campus.

How do I get to Apple Park?

Easy. By car. The United States is huge, its cities are huge, and the stars’ mode of transport is by car. Taxi is an option but best for Enjoy a more adjusted price and above all closed before departure, it’s Uber. If we want to try an alternative that’s only available in the United States, we go to Lyft. We will find even more interesting prizes.

The direction to go is always that of Apple Park Visitor Center, on Tauntau Avenue. We’re going to do it this way because although Apple Park has other entrances, this is the area where the main building is closest to the street so we can see it better. Also, we don’t want to (literally) walk around the block from Apple Park. It’s really huge.

What is there to see in Apple Park?


Outside of Apple Park there are three points of interest. All very close to the visitor center that we just mentioned and which we’ll take a closer look at in a moment. The first of these is the Tantau Reception Center, which Entrance used by the press to access Apple Park. Here we can get an idea of ​​how guests are received at events, and from the right over the fence we can see the main building amidst the vegetation.

The second point is the entrance, usually for employees, which we find when we go north along Tantau Avenue. Without an invitation, we won’t be able to go beyond the sidewalk of the street, but We will see very clearly the main building and the entrance. With very wide stairs that lead directly to the large ring of Apple Park.

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The third point of interest is the Visitor Center itself. In addition to offering a view of the campus, we can see a model of the entire area and purchase some of the most interesting merchandise. It’s true that in terms of merchandising Surely we will be more interested in visiting the Apple Store in Infinite Loop, the old offices that have more options. Remember that although they are nearby, we cannot go to them. Let’s also remember that later, if we dare, we can go to Steve Jobs’ house.

What do we do at the Apple Park Visitor Center?

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Right in front of the reception and the entrance just mentioned, we find the Apple Park Visitor Center building. If you look at the image just above these lines, The center is divided into three sections. On the left we find a room with a giant model of Apple Park. A model that, when we look through one of the many iPads that each employee we see lends us, is shown in augmented reality.

We’ll be able to raise the roof of the model, see the offices, understand the ventilation and passive air conditioning system, learn about the solar panel system that powers the building, and much more. A most interesting curiosity. allowed to even see Apple Park at nightwhich looks really impressive.


In the central part we find an Apple Store. In case it occurred to us Visit Apple Park during an event where virtually everyone, in the center screen. If we’re looking for t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs, we’ll find them on the south wall of the store.


After said wall we find the cafeteria. how is the letter Simple, it’s an iPad and a website. The atmosphere and how much we can charge in the cafeteria is what we can find to be in Apple Park. A good place to take a break before continuing your sightseeing.

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Right on the wall between the cafeteria and the shop we find the stairs. Apart from the bathrooms in the lower part, it is in the Part of the top where we will have the best view of Apple Park. On a terrace where we can eat and drink what we bought in the cafeteria, we can take a look at the large ring that remains in front of us.

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And with that we conclude our visit to this virtual case through the Apple Center on a global scale. An iconic space with an iconic design where every detail, from the benches we find to the way the vegetation is placed to leave a glimpse from the visitor center, is measured and studied. Apple in its purest form.

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