Apple’s most emblematic keynotes

Apple wouldn’t be the same without its events. The principle Focused on both the general public and the developer community, they attract the attention of the entire world and no company is able to effectively imitate them. And there were attempts.

That’s why I feel privileged to be able to experience them principle from this medium, which is the most read in the world at the Spanish-speaking level, and covers them all for you. And after more than fifteen years of experience I can say what is for me the most iconic and emblematic Apple events in history.

The A principle from Apple and when they usually take place

If you’re new to the world of Apple, you might not know what I’m talking about. A principle apples an event that the company celebrates to bring news to the world. There are no fixed dates, but we typically expect the following each year:

  • Sometimes there’s a spring event where Apple usually unveils novelties like the iPhone SE. When it happens, it usually is marchor April at the latest.
  • During the first half of the June It’s the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) where Apple continues to release new versions of its operating systems throughout the summer for developers to test beta versions of. There are also years when novelties from Hardware in this case.
  • the first half September It’s for an event where new iPhone and Apple Watch models will be unveiled alongside all the other novelties that the company has in store.
  • October usually has room for another principle in which the launch of new iPads and/or new Macs is prioritized.
  • This is very rare but sometimes in November there is another event to release more news Hardware Like a new Mac.

After three years of precautionary measures due to COVID, Apple is once again accepting in-person attendance at its events

Remember this It’s a pattern that Apple can change at any time., leaving room for surprise events or cancellations. The company can also choose to present its novelties without principle, issues a press release and posts full details on its official website. This happened recently with the Mac mini M2, for example.

Up until 2019, events were face-to-face (we went into an auditorium) and broadcast live over a stream. PBut due to the pandemic, they have implemented a model where they broadcast a recorded video live and Apple is gradually reopening to the public in its facilities so that we can test the news live.

Back to Apple Park

when was the first principle by Apple

You have to play with the definition of a bit principle to seek than it was the first, but there is a consensus among veterans: it was 1983, and it is the one that you can see in the video that you have below. A strapped Steve Jobs left speechless an audience who heard a computer speak for the first time in history.

That’s how the first Macintosh was introduced, and it was the first time we saw Steve Jobs’ talent as a master of ceremonies. Years passed before the tradition of keynotes Apple was more established, but 1983 was the year Jobs was already beginning to make history on the stage.

The principle Apple’s most iconic

These are the Apple events that I consider to be the most iconic after 15 years of monitoring and reporting:

  • The Transition from PowerPC to Intel for Macs, it was one of the company’s turning points: Macs took a leap in performance and the company was already gearing up for powerful portable devices. It was the prelude to the iPhone. Best of all: Jobs’ face as he revealed they’d been making the demos all morning on a Mac with an Intel Pentium 4 chip.

  • Little remains for us to say about the event that presented the original iPhone. At the moment it is the event that has caused the most revolutions worldwide, a before and after that taught the world something smartphone Really. Best of all: the moment Jobs demonstrates how we navigate an iOS menu. Three seconds that made our heads explode.

  • The arrival of first MacBook Air It wasn’t exactly historical, but I remember very well how the public was surprised when Jobs took a laptop out of an office envelope. In 2008, the thickness of the laptops of the time made us believe that Apple had achieved the impossible.

  • Many Apple enthusiasts would like to forget this event, but it seems to me that precisely because it is something so extraordinary, it is one of the most outstanding. A visibly upset Steve Jobs justified the iPhone 4 antenna failure that caused the call antenna gateand which ended with Apple giving away fancy covers bumper to mitigate the effects. It’s possibly the iPhone’s darkest phase, which we’ve luckily gotten past.

  • And finally we have them Presentation of the first Apple Watch, already presented by Tim Cook in 2015. You could tell they wanted to make history by the way Apple’s CEO put historical undertones in every sentence he said. The Apple Watch’s focus has changed since its inception, but it’s certainly become a product without which Apple would be unrecognizable at this time.

Tim Cook only uttered

We may need to add a principle more on this list soon: WWDC 2023 could be the event where we finally see the arrival of the Reality Pro as a spectator trying to revolutionize virtual reality and expand Apple’s influence to another market. After eight years without revs, it may soon be time to reset the counter to zero.

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