Apple TV+ would do well to have a light-hearted spy plot

Spies, British Intelligence and an Intelligence Officer played by Gary Oldman. They are the ingredients to imagine a series of international intrigues, but ‘slow horses‘ does not look for it, although he has it. The second season, released a week ago, of which you can already see the first three chapters, has its own tone.

When I saw the first season, I already commented on the surprise of “Slow Horses”: it seems like a leftover series, a comedy in which all the characters can’t resist being pessimistic. At first you’re not sure what you’re watching, but little by little the series pulls you into a storyline that deserves to be followed.

From here on out, mild “spoilers” of Slow Horses season 1 will be mentioned. Read at your own risk!

The first season of ‘Slow Horses’ is dedicated (namely) to telling the background of the characters: British secret agents who failed in their missionsand that they were therefore sent to the call Slough house where they devote themselves to boring jobs that nobody else wants to do. Gary Oldman is in charge of this department and like the house he runs the team from, he’s an abandoned person in a very bad mood.

But the arrival of a new agent for the Slough house causes the end of pessimism in the team, thanks to the appearance of a case with which they take the initiative and earn the respect of the most qualified agents.

The new chapters leave explanations and go straight to the main storyline, and that’s appreciated

The second season moves away from the explanation of the setting and begins entirely with a new case, already involving a possible international conflict: a former British agent dies, leaving a message suggesting the existence of Russian moles in the UK. Bad deal.

Once again Gary Oldman embroiders his character (at least in the first chapters of the season) at the same time as the rest of the team of the so-called slow horses fulfills its mission. The series seems to have started with a rhythm of intrigue that is appreciated and that invites you to continue the intrigue so that you stay until the result.

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We’re not in front of a series that deserves dozens of awards, but we’re in for a second season and a series that is we should not underestimate. Apple TV+ already has intrigue and thriller be taken more seriously (e.g. “Echo 3” or “Shantaram”), and the jocular and light-hearted tone of “Slow Horses” happily offers a slightly lighter plot of intrigue.

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