Apple TV + Premiere this marvel that you can also watch for free

Is there a ‘Fallout’ saga player in the room? Especially those who enjoyed ‘Fallout 4’ surely remember this wallpaper, these chameleon green cafeterias before the catastrophe, the nuclear collapse. Set in a retro-futuristic North America clearly inspired by the aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s, “For a Better Tomorrow” bears the same formula.

And the premise couldn’t be more bizarre: A group of cold door sellers are trying to make money by selling timeshare homes on the moon. Real estate fever in a world where flying cars, automatic knots, jetpacks and multivitamins are the order of the day. The team behind Bloodline is back with a series for Apple TV+ that could become the season premiere and jump straight into the Olympus of the top 21 shows on Apple TV+.

The first three episodes are available now – every 30 minutes or so, as is the usual trend on the platform -; the fourth is issued on February 24, etc., once a week, until the completion of the ten chapters of the season. The best? You can watch the first episode for free.

‘For a better tomorrow’, a very special space dystopia

Sell ​​houses on the moon. This is part of Jack’s Lifelong Dream, a mogul-leaning commercial that inspires all of his peers but, as is usual in other obsession satires, is only food for his own dreams. with your smile Jack has the ability to convince anyone to save a marriage and fool the most incredulous.. But no one will set foot on the moon’s surface, no matter how much we have conquered it: only the rich will have access to their cosmic dwellings.

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The aesthetics are lush, the performances vacillate between theatrical and hallucinatory, and the tone swings from comedy to disturbing drama in a matter of minutes. If “Separation” has already captivated thousands of viewers and “Ted Lasso” left the most skeptical – and even critics of the king of sport – at bay, “For a better tomorrow” it aspires to be one of those little series that keeps growing in our memory.


The cast consists of Tommy Award winner Billy Crudup, known for his role on ‘Watchmen’ or as a co-star on ‘The Morning Show’, in addition to recurring roles of Haneefah Wood (‘Truth Be Told’, ‘One Day at a Time’), Alison Pill (‘Them’, ‘The Newsroom’), Nicholas Podany (‘Harry Potter’), Dewshane Williams (‘The Umbrella Academy’, ‘In the Dark’), and award-winner Hank Azaria (“Brockmire”, “Ray Donovan”).

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