Apple is launching new initiatives to help us stay safer and protect our privacy

the use of technology and how we use it every day shouldn’t expose our data or the information we handle to the rest of the network. Apple understands how important it is for users to control their information, and that’s why they wanted to – on the occasion of the Data Protection Day – Reveal new resources to help users.

As we all know, in an information society where technology plays such an important role, threats are the order of the day. To raise awareness and explain the importance of privacy in a simple and fun way, Apple created the short film “A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Man’s Dates” which features the collaboration of Nick Mohammed – actor who plays “Nate” in the fabulous series Ted Lasso on Apple TV +.

Today’s initiative brings together the company’s drive for transfer and value the importance of privacy into something as personal as the devices we use every day to access the internet, have fun and communicate – and which is also part of the brand’s strategy to protect our privacy.

New Today at Apple sessions to learn more about privacy

the next Saturday 28.01 A new Today at Apple session will be released where users can learn more about protecting our information – like Mail Privacy Protection, Security Check, Location Services and Access Keys. The session lasts 30 minutes and will be available in physical Apple Stores worldwide: It can even be booked as a group for entire teams, organizations or classes.

In Nick Mohammed’s funny video – Nate, in the Ted Lasso series – we go through the everyday life of a normal person and how someone can use our data for malicious purposes

For Apple is the Privacy is part of the design principle of their products, as we’ve already seen with features like blocking access to trackers in apps and websites. in a nutshell “A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Man’s Dates”, we’ll follow Nick Mohammed on a day like any other as he explains how someone can use data for malicious purposes and what Apple is doing to protect our personal information. Check out the video, it’s a lot of fun learning these concepts from someone like Nick Mohammed.

“This film and the new Today at Apple sessions will teach users how to take advantage of the benefits we bring to them and how we are putting privacy at the core of everything we do.” – said Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s Director of User Privacy. In order to be more aware of the risks and to protect themselves, the company has created measures like these.

Some basic tricks to protect us that you can check right now

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Apple devices are designed to protect our privacy, but always offers us tools where we can control and protect ourselves even better. These are some basic tricks that we can all use in our daily lives to be better protected:

Location: You can control when and how apps can access your location. Check your iPhone to make sure you’re not sharing location data with anyone you don’t want.

  • It is accessed from AjYou / Privacy and Security / Location Services.

You have the option to restrict access, either Never, Ask Next Time, or On Share, On Use.

Email Protection: Emails you receive from third parties may learn about your activity in Mail and use that information to infer data about you and track you for marketing purposes. Email protection hides your IP address so the sender cannot see your internet activity. It also hides your exact location and prevents senders from seeing if you’ve opened an email.

  • Access is via ASettings / Mail / Privacy

App Tracking: Some apps track your activity on other companies’ apps and websites. Now you can choose to allow it or not, or require them to ask you for permission.

  • Access is via ASettings / Privacy and Security / Tracking: You have the option to turn tracking on or off for specific apps, or turn it off entirely.

security check: If you ever need to quickly stop sharing your information, or review and update what you’re sharing with specific people and apps, Apple’s new security check can help. Changes are made discreetly. People or apps you stop sharing with won’t be notified.

  • Access is via ASettings / Privacy and Security / Security Audit
Apple Privacy Day 2023 002

access key: Access Keys is a new feature that allows you to log into a website or service without having to enter your username and password to prove who you are. It’s a simpler and more secure sign-in method that creates a unique digital key that only works from the website or app it was created for. Access Keys works with Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate your login.

To save an access key for your iPhone and iCloud Keychain, do one of the following:

  • For a new account: On the account registration screen, enter an account name.
  • For an existing account: Sign in with your password and go to the account management screen. When given the option to save a passcode for the account, tap Next. The password is saved.

Check your privacy settings on iPhone: There is a special section in the settings to see what data and access you have given to the applications on your phone. The list includes things like your contacts, calendar, location, camera, and microphone. It’s an easy task and can keep your personal information private.

  • Access is via Settings → Privacy

You should then see a list of features and information on your phone that apps should ask you permission to access.

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