Apple has been offering free macOS since 2011

The programmer and Youtuber South African TroubleChute wanted to use Windows the way it was meant to be used: pay for a license. After installing it and realizing that the activation key provided by Microsoft was not working, he contacted the company’s official technical support. And what happened wasn’t normal at all.

Apparently the technician who helped TroubleChute couldn’t fix the activation key error. Something we can’t blame, of course, but after the problem escalates, someone resorted to a method … shall we say not official to activate Windows 10 Pro.

Yes, Microsoft used a “crack” to crack its own license

TroubleChute demonstrates what happened with a few photos on Twitter: Microsoft employees resorted to a Crack to activate Windows. That is, after paying a legal license, Microsoft did what exactly should not be done: activate Windows 10 with a “crack” that allows anyone to do it without paying.

The expert was also looking for someone to confirm what happened, with experts from Massgrave’s Discord confirming that the method was “not official or legal”:

The incident became known to Microsoft after being mirrored in various online media outlets and the company issued a statement on the matter:

We strive to provide our customers with top-notch support. The technique you describe would violate our policies. We are investigating this fact and will take appropriate steps to ensure that proper procedures are followed in relation to customer support for our products and services.

macOS is simple: free for everyone

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Good for the Redmonders that they realize that something has been done wrong (I don’t predict a good future for those responsible), although it is inevitable to contrast all this with the solution that Apple decided twelve years ago for its macOS : make it free for everyone.

It’s the solution he chose in 2011 after lowering the price of Mac OS X Lion and realizing there was no point in continuing to maintain a licensing structure. The company realized that it was more appealing to not charge users for their operating systems and give them the freedom to upgrade for free and indefinitely. The profit margin was closer to buying the Macnot your system or your basic applications.

You can download all versions of macOS from High Sierra to Ventura from this official repository, but remember that it’s best to update yourself through the System Preferences.

Microsoft wants to snack on iCloud and has made Outlook for macOS free

To date, it is only professional applications that continue to cost money for the user. Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro X… very niche and complex software that still makes sense to be paid for. My guess: the price of such software can change over time (maybe there is even a subscription model), but the price will never drop to zero in these cases.

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