Apple Glasses are being postponed indefinitely. The reason, according to rumors, is Apple Reality and its price

Rumor has it that we’re only a few months away from launching a new virtual/augmented/extended reality headset, and right now we’re starting to put some order into the development and nomenclature. It was long ago We know Apple manages multiple devices – that too often we have mistakenly gathered under a single concept – with its separate design, capabilities, price and development.

On the one hand, We have the apple jars, an enhanced version of the extended reality headset that we should be seeing shortly that has had its design changed to look a lot more like glasses. On the other hand we have Apple Reality One and Reality Pro, two versions of the helmet itself with different functions. And today we have rumors for everyone.

Without Apple Glasses, but with the significantly cheaper Apple Reality

After the introductions, let’s talk about the rumors at hand. On the one hand, we are faced with the news that Apple is indefinitely postponing Apple Glasses. As they tell us in Bloomberg, the reason for this lies in the technical difficulties arising from the adaptation of all technologies from an augmented reality headset to the form factor of traditional glasses.

The Apple Glasses were supposed to launch this year before being pushed back to 2025 and subsequently indefinitely postponed. Yet Bloomberg claims so Apple thinks augmented reality glasses are a product that could one day replace the iPhone.

In the meantime, Apple is allocating the resources and manpower to create a lower-priced version of Reality One and Reality Pro. Information Bloomberg reports to us that is confirmed in The Information. Rumored to be the augmented/virtual reality helmets we’ll be seeing this year will be around $3,000, but Apple wants to bring that number down very significantly.

The company’s goal is to launch a version of the extended reality headset have a similar price as an iPhone. That is, in the fork from 800 to 1600 euros, less than half of what the first generation of the product will cost. Based on the information we have, Apple plans to use less expensive components in future versions of the headset while retaining the same experience and functionality.

Apple Reality Pro: everything we know about augmented and virtual reality glasses

The release dates for this new version range from 2024 to 2025, as it seems Apple started working on it sometime in the past year. With this roadmap, we would consider an early release of a first version, which would be aimed at developers (and early adopters) based on price alone, to refine the technology before releasing a version to the general public. And that while the version in glasses format is paused. Or at least we think we know that Apple’s plans can change pretty quickly. Anyway, there’s news.

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