Apple continues to refine iOS 16 notifications. In the latest beta, it’s easier to access the old ones

Yesterday Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 16.2 and the rest of the operating systems. A beta version that brings practically no changes, except e.g a small detail in the management of notifications. A change that will make the Elders easier to access so they don’t get forgotten and escape our attention.

A change that is added to several that have already occurred during this beta cycle and that shows us how Apple finishes the fine-tuning of the redesigned notification system that came with iOS 16 and the ability to customize our iPhone’s lock screen.

A small change so we don’t miss anything

In the first versions of iOS 16, actually up to the fourth beta of iOS 16.2, older notifications were not automatically displayed. A change from iOS 15 that showed us this. To see older notifications, we now had to swipe up from the center of the screen to see them.

While hiding older notifications is a good idea, it’s true might suggest that we are overlooking some of them. Especially if we take into account that not everyone knows the necessary gesture to show it.

Friday 02 Dec 2022 15 38 36

Considering that in the latest iOS 16.2 beta older notifications are no longer hidden. While we don’t know if these changes were accidental or intentional, we can now see all notifications at a glance. Currently however this only happens in the notification centeron the lock screen, old notifications are still hidden until we swipe up to see them.

As this is a beta version, the system is subject to further development and changes without prior notice. What this small change definitely shows us is that Apple continues to work to improve the experience the lock screen, notifications and the center where they meet.

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In addition to being important, perhaps through the modes of concentration or through the notification summaries that we can reduce the number of notifications we receive every day to be able to focus on the most important ones, we have all at hand view is interesting. We’ll see what happens in future betas..