Amazon Echo Pop VS HomePod mini “smart” speakers: features, differences and prices

There’s no question that Amazon Echo’s “smart” speakers are some of the most popular on the market (along with their Echo Show displays) and that they offer one of the most polished user experiences thanks to the Alexa voice assistant and capabilitieswhich further expand its functions and possibilities.

Jeff Bezos’ company has launched a new device that joins the other members of the “smart” speaker family, the Echo Pop. This offer is one of the cheapest in the Amazon catalogueis characterized by its design and good value for money.

Although the price is significantly lower than that of the HomePod mini, It’s hard not to compare them because they’re both fighting for the same piece of the pie.: to be the “smart and economical” speaker for your home. We compare them to know their characteristics, differences and prices.

With speaker HomePod mini and Amazon Echo Pop





8.43 cm high x 9.79 cm wide and weighs 345 grams

9.9 x 8.3 x 9.1 cm and weighs 196 grams


  • full range converter
  • two passive radiators
  • 360° sound
  • Computer audio for real-time sound adjustment
  • four microphones
  • Multi-zone sound with AirPlay 2 and stereo pair support
  • 45.5mm (1.95 inch) speakers.
  • Lossless high definition audio
  • surround sound
  • microphones

sound sources

  • apple music
  • Songs purchased on iTunes
  • iCloud Music Library
  • Third Party Music Services
  • Live stations or Apple Music on-demand programs
  • radio stations
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Newsletter
  • air game
  • Amazon Music
  • apple music
  • Spotify
  • deezer
  • internet radio station
  • Send content via Bluetooth
  • podcast



  • Touch: play/pause
  • Double tap: Skip song
  • Triple tap: go back song
  • Press and hold: Siri
  • Touch or hold + or -: Volume up/down


  • Turn up the volume
  • volume down
  • Button to turn off the microphones
  • Summon Alexa by voice


  • WiFi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ultra wideband chip for nearby devices
  • thread
  • Dual band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • matter controller
  • Eero Mesh WiFi Hotspot


  • Siri
  • air play 2
  • five colors
  • alexa
  • WiFi access point to expand the mesh Eero
  • Four customizable colors and covers (sold separately)


109 euros


Introducing the Echo Pop |  Bluetooth smart speaker with Alexa for powerful and compact sound |  anthracite

Introducing the Echo Pop | Bluetooth smart speaker with Alexa for powerful and compact sound | anthracite

APPLE HomePod mini (2021), Smart Speaker, Siri, 360º, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Home Automation, Space Grey

APPLE HomePod mini (2021), Smart Speaker, Siri, 360º, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Home Automation, Space Grey

  • sound engineering: Apple doesn’t specify the power of the HomePod mini, only that it integrates a full-range converter and two passive radiators; The The sound is output in 360° and the computer audio adjusts it in real time. There are also four microphones built in to interact with Siri remotely, and it’s possible to pair it with other AirPlay speakers for stereo pairing (with another HomePod) and multi-zone audio. The Echo Pop comes with a 1.95-inch speaker, the power of which is also not specified. The audio is high definition and lossless, it offers surround sound and has microphones for interacting with Alexa.
  • sound sources: Although HomePod mini is compatible with third-party music streaming services, it makes the most of Apple Music and the Apple ecosystem by allowing you to AirPlay content from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, too. The Echo Pop also benefits from Amazon services, but via the Alexa app it is possible to configure the default streaming music service and Put Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. It can also be treated as a “regular” speaker if Bluetooth is enabled on it.
  • controls: The HomePod mini has a Touchpad that responds to gestures of users capable of interacting through touch. The Echo Pop has three physical buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume and disabling the microphones. Both speakers can be controlled with Siri or Alexa, which is most commonly done remotely.
  • connectivity: The Echo Pop connects to the Internet via 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi, integrates Bluetooth LE, acts as a Matter controller and also serves as a connection point if we have an Eero mesh WiFi system at home . HomePod mini connects to the internet via 2.4GHz WiFi, has Bluetooth 5.0, an ultra-wideband chip for nearby devices, and Thread support.
  • Other: One of the coolest things about the Echo Pop is that it works like a WiFi network extender if you have an Eero mesh system in your home that expands up to 90 square meters.
  • PriceNote: The Amazon Echo Pop is available for $54.99 and the HomePod mini is $109.

Echo Pop VS HomePod mini, which “smart” speaker to buy?


The HomePod mini and Amazon Echo Pop are two of the most affordable “smart” speakers out there. They cater to a fairly defined audience– Those who are looking for an affordable option because they don’t need the best sound quality or numerous features, or who want to try for the first time what a device with these characteristics is made of.

Although they are similar, there are important differences between them that can help users to choose one or the other. The first and most important is this The HomePod mini is intended for use in a home with more Apple products. At least an iPhone or an iPad. This is because the Home app is required to configure and control the settings. So if you don’t have one, it’s out because it couldn’t be used and the Echo Pop would be the right choice.

Without an iPhone or iPad, the HomePod mini isn’t an option because it couldn’t be configured

The Echo Pop is configured using the Alexa app, available on Android, iOS, and Fire devices. So it doesn’t matter if you prefer the Apple ecosystem or any other brand with these operating systems. So The dilemma comes when you have an iPhone and are in doubt as to whether to go with the HomePod mini or the Echo Pop.

Apple’s proposal is best integrated with the company’s services. It means that if you use Apple Music And you’re familiar with AirPlay. Even if you’re using an Apple TV as side-by-side speakers, creating a stereo pair, the HomePod mini is a very interesting option that’s going to get plenty of juice.

On the other hand, if you prefer another service like Spotify (or Apple Music, but the HomePod mini doesn’t quite convince you), you don’t have an Apple TV and the voice assistant Siri is lacking in features (remember that Siri has hardly any, at least in Spanish evolved and its competitors are more versatile), the Amazon Echo Pop deserves attention:

  • alexa is one of the best voice assistants, namely capabilities Expand the possibilities with new functions.
  • it is possible Set another music streaming service as default like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer or Apple Music. Apple claims its HomePod mini is also compatible with third-party services, but it’s not as good/convenient to use.
  • Echo speakers can be used as speakers for Fire TV Stick/Cube Media Center.

Sound quality is also important. After all, they are speakers. Nothing extraordinary can be expected from them, but the HomePod mini broadcasts in 360° and has been well received. The Echo Pop’s speaker is front-facing, so it doesn’t offer the same effect, but the sound isn’t bad for that.

And the price. The HomePod mini costs twice as much as the Amazon Echo Pop. Going for both because there are no compatibility issues can be a deal-breaker. Of course, the Echo Pop is very good value for money and it is expected to drop in price at certain times in a few months, as is usual with the rest of Amazon’s products. The HomePod mini doesn’t usually come at a discount, and when it does, it’s very small.

APPLE HomePod mini (2021), Smart Speaker, Siri, 360º, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Home Automation, Space Grey

APPLE HomePod mini (2021), Smart Speaker, Siri, 360º, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Home Automation, Space Grey

Introducing the Echo Pop |  Bluetooth smart speaker with Alexa for powerful and compact sound |  anthracite

Introducing the Echo Pop | Bluetooth smart speaker with Alexa for powerful and compact sound | anthracite

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