All the classic games you’ll find in Apple Arcade, from Bomberman to Tetris

apple arcade it has become an “island” against the in-app purchases and advertising plagues that have become ubiquitous on the App Store. The service has shown that there are people willing to pay to have a gaming experience without interruptions or constant optional purchases, although we don’t know how much.

In addition, Apple Arcade has also become a service where the developers have “revived” their classic games., which attempts to recreate the original experience without today’s monetizations. If you’re of legal age and haven’t explored the Apple Arcade catalog yet, the following list may give you some nostalgia.

angry Birds

Angry Birds reloaded‘ gets to the point and eliminates the complications that appeared in the successive installments of the saga on the App Store. The arcade version of Angry Birds restores what made the original episode famous and no more.

Oregon Trail Apple Arcade

More than a forty year old will remember the original version of ‘The Oregon Trail‘ from 1971, an entirely text-based game in which you were part of the wave of migration that swept many people across the United States from coast to coast. In Apple Arcade you have a much more updated version that you can play to reminisce about old times.

amazing bomberman apple arcade

The Amazing Bomberman‘ tries to recreate the classic video game experience in which you place strategically placed bombs to eliminate your enemies, but with much more modern graphics.

Jetpack Joyride 2 Apple Arcade

Yes, I’ll be a’Jetpack Joyride“Like a classic. Its first release on iPhone set new standards, and now in Apple Arcade we have a worthy sequel that expresses more of its gameplay.

Tetris apple arcade

the legendary ‘tetris‘ also has its place in Apple Arcade. The interface of this version called Tetris Beat is much more advanced, but the gameplay is still what we had on the 90’s Game Boy.

Solitaire stories Apple Arcade

The App Store is full of versions of the classic solitaire, but ‘Solitaire Stories‘ by Apple Arcade is the only one that doesn’t show you any ads or in-app purchases. One of the best excuses for this service if you are a fan of card games.

Frog Apple Arcade

Another great classic we have at the end is ‘frog‘, a game that everyone loved two generations ago. The Apple Arcade version turns it into a three-dimensional platform game, but at least keeps the essence of the jumps that you have to make with the protagonist, Frog.

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Remember that to access all these games you need to subscribe to Apple Arcade, which costs 4.99 euros per month (or 49.99 euros annually). You can even play them offline, and you can also do it from iPhone, Apple TV, iPad or Mac without any difference. You have the Apple Arcade section in the app store of all devices.

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