According to this new patent, MagSafe will be much more accurate and efficient, and reverse loading will become a reality

From time to time we hear news, rumors or just requests to extend reverse charging to Apple devices. The idea is that we can support our AirPods on the back of our iPhone, for example, and these fill your battery. The truth, however, is that reverse charging is already here, in Apple’s official MagSafe battery.

Between its presence in this accessory and the patent recently filed by Apple – among many others – it is clear that the company’s interest in charging systems is considerable. Some charging systems that are evolving, albeit perhaps in an inconspicuous way, both in speed and efficiency, and that in this year 2023 could surprise us.

One of two, either Apple is preparing to improve MagSafe or this will be the year of reverse loading

We are talking about all this as the result of a patent that, as they tell us in Patently Apple, is studying a reverse charging alignment system that could reach future iPhones and also other MagSafe accessories. A system that focuses on the magnetic alignment of the devices and that is crucial for charging efficiency.

One of the keys to MagSafe’s success is its magnet system – hence its name – which allows us to quickly align the two devices we want to charge. However, efficiency goes beyond simple alignment, as it must Consider rotation in the horizontal plane. Even in the current MagSafe system, placing the charging coils in a coaxial position improves charging efficiency. And that’s something to keep in mind for any future reverse charge.

Why? Because while we can afford to sacrifice some efficiency when charging our iPhone with the MagSafe charger plugged into the wall, the situation changes when considering the reverse charge. The idea is that all the energy coming out of the iPhone should reach the AirPods, for example, without practically losing anything along the way. Or at least without losing it through bad alignment.

Apple patents a double alignment system that, in addition to centering the devices, also allows them to be aligned guide its rotation with a magnet system that adapts to the circumstances. A system that, in a first step, picks up the device to be loaded from any position, but then accompanies the optimal alignment in a second step.

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A system that can both benefit MagSafe itself and enable wireless charging thanks to greater efficiency. As we have already said, we have already seen how the iPhone can charge the MagSafe battery, but only if it has an external power supply. This allows for an increase in efficiency thanks to better alignment Let’s charge other devices without using more than our iPhone’s battery. We’ll see what this technology is.

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