A very suspicious company registers “xrOS” as Apple’s Extended Reality approaches at full speed

Apple’s extended reality offering is fast approaching without us realizing it. Yesterday Mark Gurman spoke to us about how the viewfinder is becoming a sort of external display for our Macs and today he’s revealing that A very suspicious company continues to register “xrOS” around the world.

A strategy that we have already seen in the past and that allows Apple to take ownership of some codenames for their products without giving too many clues as to their intentions. And we say “too many” because this time, the company’s intentions seem more than clear.

A strategy that we have already seen in the past

Such as Mark Gurman tells us In a tweet, Deep Dive LLC files trademarks for the name “xrOS” worldwide. That name is something Apple uses internally for the operating system of its next virtual reality device, which is expected to be unveiled in a few weeks.

The last trademark registered by this company was registered in New Zealand last month. This has fueled speculation about Deep Dive LLC’s role in relation to Apple and its upcoming extended reality device. Having ruled out the idea that this company was a subsidiary or subsidiary of Apple, the Cupertino-based company’s strategy is coming to an end hides the most likely name of the operating system that we will see at WWDC looks pretty cool.

In addition, the worldwide trademark registration for xrOS indicates that the Operating system for Apple’s next virtual reality device is already well advanced. Something that has been corroborated by sources close to the company in other rumors, and which fits with the predictions of the calendar we have: presentation in the spring, presentation of the operating system at WWDC and launch in the fall.

About the operating system itself, we have few details. We expect that xrOS will revolve around several key applications such as Face Time, Maps or Office applications, which would make this device one excellent support for various tasks that now require our interaction through keyboards and mice. A change in the use of software supported by the same software and hardware that, to our knowledge, goes far beyond the proposals we’ve seen from other companies to date.

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It will certainly be interesting to see how Apple positions itself in the VR market and how xrOS compares to existing operating systems. In any case, it’s safe to say The tech world is watching what Apple has planned for your next virtual reality headset and your newly registered xrOS operating system.

Source : www.applesfera.com