a small shortcut to surf the Internet from our wrist

The ability to access information anytime, anywhere on the internet is extremely important these days. There is a wealth of information on the internet, and lots of it Scenarios in which we need to consult it quickly and conveniently.

In many of these cases we can easily read what we need with our iPhone, iPad or Mac, but in some cases we only have our Apple Watch. More than enough because thanks With a simple shortcut, we can easily surf the web from our wrist.

Browsing with Safari on the Apple Watch can really be very useful

There are already many things that we do with the Apple Watch. From checking our steps or the weather to opening the door at home via Siri and our HomeKit lock. When we have a cellular-connected watch, like the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s more than likely that we’ll find ourselves in some situations just using the watch to check information on the web. Let’s create a shortcut for it.

There are many ways to do this as it is quite a personal issue, but let’s imagine a situation that can make us all happy. Let’s start by adding a menu that will allow us to choose if we want access our favorites or we want to enter a personalized URL. In the first case, we use a dictionary to store our favorites and present you with a list to choose from.

In the second case we simply go to the option to request an input text to enter the desired address. In both cases let’s end with a Show web view on, with which we will open the page in question on our Apple Watch. The result will look very similar as can be seen below these lines.


As an example, we can download this shortcut directly from the link to add it to our devices. Once we have created or downloaded it, make sure to add it to the collection apple watch which appears in the left sidebar on iPad and Mac or after tapping it < shortcuts on the iPhone so that it appears on our clock.

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With it we can surf the Internet almost as easily as on our iPhone. Yes, the size of the screen says a lot, but the truth is that for some requests the most interesting thing is the comfort of being right on our wrist. Sometimes we just don’t have a choice. Whatever the case, a few taps in the Shortcuts app and we are already reading Applesfera off our wrist.

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