a charger for three devices at the same time that only lacks this to be perfect

Do you remember AirPower? In September 2017, Apple announced a device designed to simultaneously charge our iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Kind of a cargo mat we could Place devices freely to get power and fill their batteries. An AirPower, but it never arrived.

Its release was scheduled for 2018 but it never appeared except in some leaks. Later, In 2019, Apple confirmed it was leaving the project. To our knowledge, this was due to the heating caused by the number of coils required to cover the entire loader surface.

A little Apple design but very interesting

Now, Tesla has acquired and launched the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. A $300 charger that can charge three Qi-compatible devices at the same time. With the proprietary design line inspired by the Cybertruck, it has a fairly edgy aluminum exterior and a velvety interior to place our devices.

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It also comes with a magnetic mount that we can use if we’d rather use the charging dock at a certain angle rather than lying completely flat on the table. And according to Tesla “features FreePower technologythat charges your Qi-enabled devices such as phones or headphones placed anywhere on its surface without precise alignment.

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From the point of view of Apple users, the resemblance to what AirPower wanted to be is more than considerable. In general though, we’ve already seen other similar chargers on the market. Devices, yes, that lack a small but very important detail to be able to offer the maximum potential: Charge the Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch has used Qi technology since its first generation, but the size of the watch makes the difference need a spool of a specific and unconventional size. With the original AirPower, Apple solved this situation by including coils of different sizes on the cargo bed. Something that may have contributed to the overall excessive heating of the device and is not intended for this Tesla charger.

Images appear from a "Apple Magic charger".  A curious charging accessory with a reason not to be published

A very interesting charger to conveniently charge our iPhone and AirPods. A charger, yes, which according to the same Tesla website will not be available until February 2023. A charger that matters another suggestion to the number of options we already have when we charge our devices in the way that is most convenient for us.

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