4 iPhone 15 Pro improvements that will make the high-end Android of 2023 bite the dust

When Apple releases a product, it usually does everything right. Try to dominate it, or at least stay at the top of the table. The prime example is the iPhone. systematic is the world’s best-selling smartphone every yearand it’s for a reason.

Generally, iPhones have these little differentiators this tends to put them ahead of the competition. Now we are only a few months away from the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro and we already have more or less clear what those elements are.

A17 Bionic: full throttle

Apple crisps They’ve been sweeping the competition for a number of years. Other brands just can’t keep up. In fact, in a few years we’ve seen the fastest processor being this year’s iPhone and the second fastest being last year’s iPhone. It’s just great.

The A17 Bionic will continue this trend. It is made in a 3nm process that will make it much more efficient and powerful. It runs faster, heats up less and uses less battery. A wonder.

Tiny bezels: Pushing it to the limit

bevel comparison

One of the major criticisms leveled at Apple in the past is this bad use of the screen. It has been said that the notch takes up too much space, that the bezels are too thick, and that Samsung, Xiaomi, and others fare better.

Not anymore. It seems that the next iPhone 15 Pro’s bezels will be 1.55 millimeters. Significantly inferior to the direct competition who has been criticizing him so much lately. Are you going to criticize yourself now?

Titanium frames: the good, the best

Titan iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone “Pro” has been made of stainless steel for several years. It is a very resistant material and it is already infinitely superior to the plastic used by most of its competitors. However, it seems that Apple will go one step further this year. Surely they make the iPhone 15 Pro in titanium. It is an even higher quality, stronger and lighter material. If the build quality is good now, that of the iPhone 15 Pro will be incredible.

New mute button: a tailor-made experience

Several iPhones show the mute button

One of the rumors that has been heard the most in recent weeks is that the mute button will be replaced. Initially, this was the envy of many Android users who said they didn’t understand why their devices didn’t have it. The truth is that it’s extremely useful, and if Apple does a good job, its development might amaze us all.

We understand that the idea would be Turn this button into some sort of multipurposeand that it can be configured at will: when pressed, it takes a photo, mutes the iPhone, turns on the flashlight, starts a stopwatch … the possibilities are endless.

The echoes of the iPhone 15

Be that as it may, there are still a few months left before the launch of this new iPhone 15 Pro. At the moment we only know rumors, which may or may not be true, and there is no official information from Apple. Yes, that’s what it looks like one of the most interesting releases of recent yearsand could pose a problem for your competition.

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